Township Taste Enterprise is a 100% black owned company. It is a quality orientated company. Township Taste Enterprise will always give guarantee for projects that we complete be it maintenance or new work. The company will contribute towards the eradication of unemployment by creating job opportunities  for the unemployed, especially the youth. We operate under a stringent code of conduct, thereby providing quality workmanship.


Township taste is an equal opportunity company, we boast black management that is carefully selected according to qualification and experience. We have managers who have acquired experience in various departments. We are committed to adding value to our customer's assets. Our expertise includes construction, maintenance, sports services and supplying of goods




Township Taste Enterprise seeks to be the leading South African based multi-discipline company concentrating on construction, sports services and the supply of goods




  • ensure that we create meaningful career opportunities for the youth
  • better trade reliability within Soweto and South Africa with a creative synthesis to  attract customers




  • tiling
  • plumbing
  • brickwork
  • construction
  • landscaping
  • boxing kit
  • boxing training
  • herb supplements
  • PPC uniform supply
  • student accommodation